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SAVANTELBUL and CLEANER have joined forces into creating SAVANTELBUL FM to enter the facility management market in Sofia.



"Cleaner" is a company which is engaged in the professional cleaning of all kind of buildings and facilities, facility management and DDD services (pest control).

Our company was founded in 2008 and is guided by several basic principles:

·         Professional attitude to the work process;

·         Correct relationship with our clients, suppliers and employees;

·         Partner to ensure security;

Our company works entirely with the equipment of the German brands "Bosh" (repair and maintenance) and "Hako" (cleaning machines). The tools used by our technicians are from the brand “Gedore”. The preparations used by our hygienist are from the Italian company "Kiter". The cleaning agents through which our employees fulfil the commitments are the Italian trademark "TTS".

Our employees must undergo training courses and instruction on labour safety. The use of workwear, specialized shoes and protective gear (gloves, masks, waistcoats, belts and etc.) is also a principle that our employees do not violate. We also have a bonus system that stimulates our employees to be more precise in their work.

The control and discipline for us is an important factor in our work, therefore, according to the nature of the engagements, we perform day-to-day or weekly monitoring of the work processes, control of the proper maintenance of the equipment and checks for compliance with schedules (or commitments).

Communication with our customers is an extremely important element of our work. We are looking for feedback on our activities through meetings with representatives of our clients, but also through monthly questionnaires that we provide on a random basis.

Our customers are guarantors of the quality of our work and professionalism. We achieve high results thanks to their requirements.



1. Professional cleaning.

  • Regular / daily / cleaning of buildings - cleaning of floor coverings, office furniture and equipment, glazing and window frames, sills and railings, doors and chairs, lifts and escalators, staircases and emergency exits, ceilings, carpet washing, carpets and upholstered furniture, WC / flooring, walls, dispensers, sinks, toilets, seats, covers, urinals, appliances, showers, batteries, siphons, etc./                                                 

  • Cleaning of equipment, production equipment and roofs.

  • High-level cleaning of the glazing and facades of buildings.

  • Post-construction / after-cleaning / cleaning. 

  • Cleaning of ventilation systems, piping and installations. 

  • Cleaning of outdoor areas and road surfaces. 

  • Snow clearing.



2. Facility Management

  • Building Management. Planned and Emergency Maintenance. 

  • Preventive and predictive maintenance.

  • Maintenance of plumbing installations. 

  • Maintenance of Electrical Installations. 

  • Maintenance of HVAC systems. 

  • Prevention and maintenance of fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems. 

  • Prophylaxis and maintenance of UPS systems

  • Prevention and maintenance of lifts and escalators. - Live security and security systems.


3. DDD Services

  • Complex Pest Control. 

  • Deratization - fighting rodents. 

  • Disinsection - Insect control (insect) 

  • Disinfection


4. Planting

  • Complex maintenance of green areas (mowing, weeding, trimming, fertilizing, aeration, grading, watering, etc.)

  • Design and construction of green areas. 

  • Design and construction of irrigation systems. 

  • Supply, planting and maintenance of plants.