Project Management

Project management is our passion. We manage the entire program and construction process – from pre-design through project delivery and closeout. Our services make projects more efficient, controlling costs, schedules, and work scope without compromising quality. Our capabilities combine our expertise and experience in planning, engineering, and management and include:
•    Owner’s Representative;
•    Project Delivery Consulting;
•    Document Control
•    Contract Administration;

SAVANTELBUL professionals formally study many aspects of program and project management, and we’ve contributed significantly to its advancement. Within our ranks are authors, licensed professional engineers, Project Management Professionals, and many with advanced academic credentials. Our expertise in representing owners through all phases of the planning, design, and construction process has culminated in the successful completion of more than $1 billion in projects.

Construction Management

SAVANTELBUL provides comprehensive construction management consulting services that provide the best results for your project. Our experts possess decades of engineering and construction experience and apply this knowledge to the everyday challenges that owners, contractors, engineers, and architects face throughout the construction process. Depending on your specific project needs and requirements, SAVANTELBUL provides the following construction consulting services:

•    Build Ability Advice;
•    Document Control;
•    Site Management;
•    Technical Supervision;
•    Health & Safety Management;
•    Project Close- Out and Handover;



Cost & Scheduling Management

SAVANTELBUL  is unparalleled in providing cost, planning, and scheduling management services on projects in multiple industries. We provide owners with constant feedback and information to ensure successful project execution. To accomplish this, we develop and maintain custom reports that graphically depict project cost and schedule status in a timely manner. This leads to enhanced cost and schedule management and increases the likelihood of achieving (or beating) your cost and schedule goals.

Effective program management requires developing and maintaining detailed program schedules for all program phases. In fact, schedule management starts well before construction begins, ideally in the planning phase where each task associated with design, bidding, construction, and commissioning is scheduled to avoid construction delays. Our schedule management services include developing master, objective, design phase, construction, and commissioning /close-out schedules; reviewing contractor schedules; setting time and liquidated damages; and providing value scheduling. Using a critical path method (CPM), we prepare and update master schedules that portray summary level activities for each phase of large, complex construction projects.

Our cost management processes actively control cost at all project stages, giving project participants a clear financial picture at any time and allowing team members to make timely, informed decisions. In addition, integrating cost and schedule data from each project identifies potential interferences with, impacts to, or competition for limited resources, often before program/project milestones are impacted.

Design Services

At SAVANTELBUL, we provide ‘one-stop’ Design services encompassing each and every stage of your project – from Project Inception to Detailed Design and Implementation Phases. Our engineering expertise includes the traditional disciplines, such as architectural, civil, MEP and structural engineering, as well as advanced specialties, amongst which we mention: simulation, integrated automation processes and interactive 3D modelling.

We have a proven track record of managing the Design process in a well organised and disciplined manner which ensures our clients get what they need when they need it and within their projected budget. Our solutions to their requirements are made by the use of the most modern engineering techniques and systems.

Our professional engineers provide expertise in a wide range of areas:
•    Architectural
•    Structural
•    MEP
•    Infrastructure


Due Diligence

The full scope technical due-diligence refers to the following items: adherence to standards and norms, design overview, materials and workmanship overview, review of utility services, ownership issues (non-legal), service charges, management charges, review of permits and authorizations, overview of property management requirements and comment on existing maintenance.

Claims Management, Avoidance & Dispute Resolution

Proactive claims management begins during preconstruction and continues until a project is successfully completed. Our preconstruction analysis includes a detailed review of contract documents, contract schedule, change orders and directives, requests for information, and pertinent correspondence. Knowledge of issues on prior projects allows us to focus on areas where potential for early resolution is greatest.

When analyzing contract requirements, we identify key issues and determine the most appropriate interpretation. Additionally, we recommend pre-project risk assessment, a thorough constructability review of the contract documents, value engineering, and rigorous construction management processes such as a prescribed claims resolution methodology to minimize the chance of major claims.

architecture-768432_640 (1).jpg

SAVANTELBUL  is unparalleled in avoiding, mitigating, and resolving construction claims. Our success is based on many factors, including extensive experience in project management; real-world understanding from numerous construction projects in multiple industries; specific knowledge of the design/construction process; particular attention to detail; and outstanding professional care and due diligence in providing services. Our claims resolution experts are well seasoned in various dispute resolution processes (e.g., litigation, arbitration, mediation, third-party neutral, dispute review boards, negotiations, etc.), and our portfolio contains experience, not only as skilled consultants, but also as testifying experts, which has resulted in resolving the majority of disputed changes and claims analysis assignments prior to trial or arbitration.


Strategic Consultancy

Independent advice to help make your business and investments a success.

We are in a world of continuous change. The need to deliver performance quicker and better for less is an ever-increasing demand. To be truly successful, decision-makers must choose the right path to meet their business objectives.

We bring global insights to help you make the decisions that will achieve the outcomes that matter to you, and keep them front of mind from project inception through to operations. We see best practices, understand how to drive productive innovation and understand change and how to make it work. We can support you to deliver the transformation needed to realise sustainable benefits quicker across the project lifecycle.

Ultimately, we believe great advice is about maximising your return on investment. We work in partnership with our clients, providing them with access to the knowledge and people required to deliver better outcomes, such us:

•    Corporate real estate strategy
•    Investment Appraisals
•    Site Search
•    Contractual Consultancy

Risk Management & Special Services

SAVANTELBUL  risk management specialists identify and evaluate project risks, manage risk registers, facilitate qualitative risk assessments, conduct quantitative risk analyses, and develop risk mitigation strategies and plans. We develop qualitative risk assessments in conjunction with project stakeholders; integrate those assessments into robust, quantitative cost and schedule risk analyses; and monitor and mitigate any risks accordingly. Other Special Service, which SAVANTELBUL offer is:
•    Planning Supervision
•    Value Engineering
•    Loan Monitoring
•    Region/ Country Specific Services
•    Pilot B Mission (Fit-Out Works)